Gido Washa / manmade cave/

 no more a hell for the innocent dogs!

As everybody remembers from our consecutive reports in the past few days our society has made a campaign to rescue the dogs thrown in Gido Washa and at the same time requested the directly concerned government authority of that specific area Nifas Silk-Lafto Sub City Administration Office by copying it to the City Agriculture Department, to the City Mayor and the Deputy Prime Minster with  an official letter  referenced  U Ė 38 / 179 / 99 Dated  20 / 10 / 99 Ethiopian Calendar  for the holes that lets the dogs in to the cave to be closed keeping its historical inheritance.

Response from the Mayor office and its translation...

Following this we made a discussion with the Chief Administrator Mr. Abdulwahid Mohammed Yenus and the Manager Mr. Kinfe Mesfin of the sub city.

Then the case was directed to the sub cityís Agriculture Team Leader Mrs. Mulushoa  Bayu, she then suggested that her department can only do to create awareness to the community not to throw the dogs in to the cave as she also have seen the Sunday TV program about the rescue.

Finally she told us that she returned the letter to the Manager and suggested that the society should provide a low cost veterinarian service to deal with the problem from its grass root level.

Then the Manager directed the case to the responsible body of that plot of land that is Environmental Protection Team, and discussed the issue again with the Team leader Mr. Nega Fantahun at the managerís office this morning and reached to a conclusion that the holes to be closed after visiting the cave personally without causing any damage on it.

Immediately after leaving the managerís office we went to the cave with Mr. Nega to get his final approval.

The amusing thing we faced by the time we reached the cave, there was three children around 6 -8 years of age was watching in to the cave to confirm what they watched on TV is real.

Then after he saw the cave he approved that it should be closed.

But he was worried that it will take time for him to allocate budget for the construction expense as people might throw another dog if it will not be done as quickly as possible.

Then we told him that he should not worry about it as our supporter Dr. Anteneh Roba from USA is ready to cover the cost and waiting for their approval only.

Then he approved that to go ahead with the work from that moment onwards by informing the people working in the area accountable for him to co-operate us in any ways possible and told us to collect the official letter from his office.

Decision to seal the cave  from Environmental Protection Team and is translation...

After finishing with him, we again  found another  four children around 12 - 14 years  of age coming closer to us, they didnít know who we are and we have asked them where they are going then they responded that to see the cave because they have watched on TV on Sunday when dogs are rescued from it.

Then while seeing our photo and video camera on our hand they run away telling their fear they might be put on TV too as they did not inform their family that they are going to the cave after realizing that we were the one who did the rescue. 

This made us realize that not only us who involved in this issue are worried about it but also many people and children are concerned.

Homeless Animals Protection Society
July 13, 2007

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