Gido Washa /manmade Cave/


 Ethiopian Television

The Ethiopian Television has put on air about the misery at Gido washa on Sunday entertainment Program; it was really great and informative to the general public about the cruel activity done on animals for the past several years. 

This Program made our society HAPS address millions of people, because it is the most watched Sunday program and our telephone was busy with people calling to congratulate for the good job done to rescue the dogs and to express their wish for the success of our work for the animals. 

At the same time people who haven’t watched the full program and who have heard from friends and family members also requested us to request the Ethiopian Television to retransmit the program.  

Even people on our way who watched the program started to tell us about the cave and the cruel activity used to be done in it for years and to express their appreciation for the scarifies to rescue the four dogs found in the cave and the society’s president professional view that was forwarded to the community and the idea from the people around the cave and also about the conclusive explanation by the ETV reporter. 

In this historical rescue Dr. Anteneh T.Roba from USA stood at the forefront in assisting HAPS to facilitate materials necessary for the rescue and in its immediate follow up from the beginning to the final rescue and still with us in finding the final solution for the cave to be no more a hell for the poor dogs.  

Their support has a magnificent impact in our success to find a solution to rescue the dogs and continue our day to day activity for the animals. 

In this opportunity we also would like to thank Maria Daines the world’s most popular and famous person by her profession and who feels the pains and problems of animals around the world for her great concern about this specific rescue and the future existence of our society HAPS for the animals and who closely work with Dr. Anteneh T.Roba.  

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Finally HAPS would like to pass its deepest gratitude for the Ethiopian National Television for their kindest cooperation and hope that their usual most important support will continue for the future as it will help easily penetrate the general public for the issues concerning animal welfare.

Homeless Animals Protection Society
July 08, 2007

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