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Annual Report
Year 2009


Animal welfare is challenging in developing nation like ours, despite all the challenges HAPS made a great struggle for animal welfare to be considered as an issue to be addressed by creating awareness among the community and the government using experiences of other countries as a model.

HAPS specifically work intensively to stop poisoning of dogs as a means of disease and population control by putting aside alternatives such as Animal Birth Control and vaccination against diseases and also the drawbacks of the poison from ethical and environmental point of view.

Accordingly HAPS carried out a one year Animal Birth Control program which was open to different Medias such as National TV, Radio and Newspapers and also to a personal visit to a directly concerned higher officials and veterinary experts of the Addis Ababa city.

Besides, extensive awareness creation program regarding humane treatment of animals has been done using unique methods such as car advertisement and Megaphone announcement that can help reach as many people as possible at a go.

These and many other mechanisms used as information dissemination helps HAPS to get popularity in the country as well as outside the country by promoting questions for further discussion.

Historical rescue by HAPS Ethiopia
http://www.haps-eth.org.et/report_on.htm is also among the events that makes HAPS popular both within and outside the country.

In the past years HAPS founders also participated in different international conferences and trainings regarding animal welfare and gained a remarkable experience that can help improve its work in the country.

In the past years HAPS also prepared a precondition for international organizations such as Humane Society International and Best Friends Animal society to come and work for the animals in our country.  

 Aims and Objectives  

bullet T promote the welfare of homeless animals particularly homeless dogs, cats and work animals
bullet T protect the highly endangered Ethiopian Wolf from disease and hybridization occurred due to homeless dog
bullet T solve the social and health problems occurred on the community and other animals due to homeless dogs 
bullet T undertake animal welfare and other required activities in those parts of the country where the problems suffering of homeless animals are worst and involve the communities themselves in the research for the solutions
bullet T create a plat form where, all relevant social actors and stakeholders could be able to discuss the problems of homeless animals and stray dogs 
bullet T promote advocacy work at local, zonal, regional and national levels regarding the protection and welfare of homeless animals 
bullet T research the problems of animals and try to solve them in as much as possible in collaboration with all              stakeholders and social actors 
bullet T gather, collate and dispense of information about the problems of homeless animals 
bullet T establish a mobile animal health post

Main activities of the year 

Awareness creation  

Besides the day to day activity of educating and telephone counseling of people about animals, HAPS also managed to respond on the issues raised on Ethio Channel news paper concerning animal welfare according to the information received as a result of its wider communication network by explaining in detail how to control homeless dogs which finally educated the community.

In addition the awareness creation activity towards animal welfare and the importance of spay neuter and vaccination for pets in terms of keeping the health of the community and the animals has been done throughout the year using the society’s car and megaphone and by distributing informational leaflets, by handling telephone calls and by using internet and different newspapers to keep the public informed about the issue.

Several people who need information about different problems they are facing with their pets are also directed to their nearby vet clinics.

HAPS educational and spay neuter car really made the awareness creation work easy as people easily recognize whenever it moves from place to place either for education and administrative work or to rescue dogs.

Awareness creation activity for thousands of people has been done on how to control the population of dogs and protect the spread of the deadly disease rabies as it is becoming a serious issue in the community.

It has been done by directly moving through different areas in the city and speaking to the community about the situation of the homeless dogs in their area.

In this process more than 15,000 educational leaflets and broachers has been produced and distributed to encourage people take their dogs to their nearby vet clinics for vaccination and spay neuter.

People are made to be aware of animal welfare and its importance as animals are also important to peoples live, especially in a developing country like ours where most rural and urban community uses animals in different ways as a means of survival, this is done by the time two horses that are abandoned by their owners were reported to HAPS by the local people.

HAPS also made a telephone interview with The Humane Society of the United States publications department
Julie Falconer about its work for the animals to be published in All Animals magazine, which gives HAPS a better exposure to get support for its work for the animals, which finally got published in September 2009. In addition HAPS' feature is up on the famous Little Lotus Hearts' website: http://www.littlelotushearts.com/shelter_spotlight/archive.html

Workshop and Training

HAPS participated on animal welfare stakeholders meeting and nominated as a member of the national working group of animal welfare clearly explaining that it is a pioneer indigenous animal welfare organization to advocate animal welfare in our country.

As the core group of the national animal welfare working group HAPS put a remarkable effort towards the formulation of national animal welfare legislation and did a great deal of contribution as a pioneer animal welfare organization in the country.

We also got the opportunity to participate on the African Animal welfare workshop and Seminar on the Alternatives to use of Animals in Experiments in Education & Training. In which we shared valuable information of each other’s country experience.

The Seminar on the Alternatives to use of Animals in Experiments in Education & Training presented by InterNICHE was also valuable knowledge for us to communicate to the educational institutions of our country in which we already started the process with Addis Ababa University Science Faculty to show and provide the CD’s donated to HAPS by InterNICHE that can be used as an alternative to using live animals in education and training.

 Emergency Care

As a result of the above mentioned extensive educational activities several emergency reports of severely hurt and sick homeless dogs suffering with severe pain in the middle of the street have been received from different location of the city and were handled.

HAPS provided support by providing food and medical treatment in collaboration with the community for dogs that are found injured and hurt due to different reasons such as car hit and inappropriate handling of owners based on the call received from the community themselves.




In most cases the surrounding community also showed its cooperation by providing shelter and food until the dogs get better from their problems because they get convinced by what HAPS team educated them about animal welfare and its importance in general.

HAPS also work with the local private vet clinics to give medical treatment for the dogs.

Accordingly more than 50 homeless dogs are taken care of by HAPS emergency program regardless of the financial constraint that the society faced in the fiscal year. 

We also facilitated for emergency medical treatments to be given by SPANA Project for two abandoned horses suffering from a severe pain of
Epizootic Lymphangitis.  



Most of the dogs that are given treatment by HAPS emergency program are adopted to a family.

In addition Dogs that the owners already decided to avoid using any means with the reason that they no more want them, are reported and saved by HAPS and adopted to a new family.


Adoption from house to house has also been done by telephone communication, a family that want to give away a dog report to HAPS either by telephone or e-mail and then HAPS keep the record of the type of the dog and the address of the owner and provide to those who report they need a dog.

In this way more than 10 dogs are adopted in the adoption program. Here the most important thing is that people are aware that there is a possibility of adopting a dog and also animal welfare.

Administrative Activities

At the beginning of year 2009 It is being managed to finalize the last year’s activity of the society by summarizing the financial and activity report.

The financial document which was summarized is also examined by chartered certified accountants and authorized auditors and inventory recording of the materials that the society owns is also made. 

It is also being managed to organize the documents that should be sent to the donor community for the purpose of presenting the report and getting continual support in collaboration with the society’s board and other experienced members and supporters.

In addition to this, the preparation of the general assembly meeting to present both the audit and activity report and discuss and decide on different agendas that are raised by the board and the members of the society  is also been finalized.




Besides the day to day administrative activities, discussion about the current situation and problems facing the society has been done with different concerned bodies to get solutions and ensure the continuation of the society for the animals.

Speaking to different concerned officials on different matters that are important to the society’s day to day activities are also been done by organizing committee constituting members from the society’s Board, the Management, the general
Members and other concerned supporters to secure the rights of our society HAPS from those trace passing its legality with their irresponsible move.

Accordingly the six members of the committee spoke to the governmental authority having a direct working relation with our society with the City Government of Addis Ababa Trade and Industrial Bureau, Head Mr. Fitsum Arega regarding the continual activity of the society and current problems.

While discussing with him in his office he recalled about what he watched by TV about the rescue of the dogs from Gido cave and appreciated the contribution of our society for the community.

At the same time the committee started to contact different people and organizations that are thought to be able to support to ask for support for the day to day activities of the society.

The Sixth general assembly meeting of HAPS was also held on July 19, 2009 to present the annual activity and audit reports of the year ended on December 31, 2008 to the members and to discusses and decide on different agendas from the management and also on those forwarded from the members.

Finally members agreed to keep on working harder and harder to insure the continuation of the good work of the society as it is the Hero in our country in confidently presenting itself to the general public without any hesitation by withstanding and trying to solve the challenges.

Urgent general assembly meeting has also been held on October 25, 2009 in order to discuss about the re-registration of the society and to communicate the new guideline of the society which was prepared in accordance with the new government regulation of Societies and charities registration in the country.

Members also discussed and vote it should be re-registered and continue its effort towards creating awareness about animal welfare to the community and saving the suffering animals.

Accordingly the necessary documents are compiled and presented to the newly established Societies and Charities Agency and got re-registered with charity number 0417.  

 Problems encountered

 Lack of financial support,

 -      To reestablish the shelter at least to be able to handle the emergency cases, that are reported
to our office every day and carry on the awareness creation work and administrative activities.
 Pay bills
Buy fuel and pay for car maintenance and KM service of the car we are using for all activities of the society
Pay vet. fee for handling emergency cases
To facilitate Adoption
And different very crucial administrative expenses

People having their own interest are still coming up by having the mentality of the Bale dog shooters to create pressure on the activity of our society instead of encouraging our establishment and successful management of such an organization working for animals in this socio economically backward country.

Due to this and other related problems our society could not manage to get the necessary support to implement its annual plan.

Our society is unable to give temporary shelter for rescued dogs and respond to all rescue calls as it does before due to lack of capacity to rent a shelter and cannot resist the rescue voice of dogs here and there.

Special Thanks

HAPS would like to pass its grateful thanks to
Kim Bartlett, President of Animal People USA for her kind all round support to our society’s activity from the beginning, without which every of our success could have not been possible.

Our special thanks go to Katrina Morison and her husband Dave Price from Australia for their kind financial support which relieves our society from its current problems apart from their continual support in providing different materials for our work.

We also would like to forward our deepest thanks to Philip Wollen OAM, The Winsome Constance Kindness Trust, Australia for his immediate response to our request for support by sending donation.

We also would like to thank Anna Little, James Clark, Sarah Schmidt, Carlos Neyra, Fay Forman, Janet Forman, Kristine Kennedy, Marilyn and Jack Weave
r, Wendie and Stephen Ryter, for their financial support to our activity.

We also deeply thank Genevieve Van de Merghel
of the Little Lotus Hearts for keeping HAPS feature on their famous website and Julie Falconer Publications Dept of Humane Society of the United States for publishing HAPS Street Dog article on All Animals magazine, in which both gave our society HAPS a better exposure to the international community.                                 

We also thank ANAW and
InterNICHE for giving a chance for our society to participate in the African Animal Welfare Conference and Seminar on the Alternatives to use of Animals in Experiments in Education & Training.

We finally forward our grateful thanks for all those supported in order our work for the animals continue and kindly request by the name of the poor animals for their valuable support to continue.

Homeless Animals Protection Society
December 31, 2009