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HAPS is founded in October 29, 2001 to work through out the country to help the animals and solve the problem with the help of ANIMAL PEOPLE, USA and it is the first of its kind in Ethiopia.

HAPS came to existence having the idea of Animal Birth Control /ABC/ program through Trap Neuter Release /TNR/ method which can replace the dog shooting and poisoning as a means of population and rabies control, by its founders who were working in the Bale Mountains National Park /BMNP/, a national park with a diverse fauna and flora in which most of them are endemic to Ethiopia.

The concerned government bodies in Addis Ababa became convinced that the ABC program through the Trap Neuter Release /TNR/ method can fully replace poisoning in order to control the population of homeless dogs in the city.

Based on this HAPS signed the tripartite operational agreement with the directly concerned government bodies. The government also agreed to stand beside the successfulness of this activity when ever the society is in need of any expertise and /or facilities.  

This document is also disseminated from the Federal to the Kebele /community/ level for the smooth implementation of the project and managed to reach the stage to solve the problems of the animals.


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are dying of rabies

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